How to define a shirt is suitable-part2

01st May 2020

by: Hayman Tailor

6. The right chest & waist
For a shirt to fit suitably on the chest, it should be roughly 10cm larger than the net chest measurement, but this depends on the style preferred by our customers. For instance, a slim fit shirt should be slightly tighter than the 10cm, a classic fit shirt would be broader, and both would have the same waist measurement. In addition, a perfect fit shirt should fit snugly and not allow others to see the tightened shirt wrapped on the belly button.

7. The right shirt length
If the shirt is for formal business use, the measurement should be taken from the point on the shoulder line close to the neck, and follow a vertical line to the point where the hand rests comfortably by your side. This way the shirt can be securely tucked into the trousers. For smart casual use, the shirt length should be slightly shorter, but still at least one inch (2.54cm) below the belt, and be worn untucked.

8. The right arm length
There is a simple rule to judge the right sleeve length. When you wash your hands, the water should not splash the sleeves. In other words, your hands should be clearly visible when you extend your arm to shake hands with other people.

9. The right arm circumference
Normally 4cm should be added to the arm measurement with tailor-made shirts, however, we understand that there are different body types, and different preferences. Our complex formula calculates the arm circumference based on varying chest/waist/shoulder length.