About Hayman Tailor

Simplify your workwear wardrobe

At Hayman Tailor, we believe customers shouldn’t have to pay more for premium brand names and marketing hype. We’re all about quality tailoring and customised business attire delivered to your door at a fair price.

Our carefully selected fabrics and low overhead costs enable us to create high-quality wardrobe essentials that wear well over time. To bring our customers the very best, we choose fabric suppliers with 30+ years of industry experience and have partnered with some of the world’s most famous fashion brands.

Why Hayman?

Hayman Tailor was named after the famous Australian island in Queensland’s Whitsundays. Our brand reflects the relaxed, leisure-centred Australian lifestyle while maintaining high standards of service and style. Inspired by the Hayman experience, our founders launched the Hayman Tailor brand with a selection of premium wardrobe essentials at a friendly price.

Our famous factory

With 10+ years’ experience crafting gentlemen’s shirts, our factory has built a reputation for impeccable efficiency and finishing. We have fulfilled orders for a range of global brands, using the most advanced shirt manufacturing equipment in the industry.

Today, our growing business is committed to implementing continuous manufacturing upgrades that allow us to create cutting-edge, custom-fitted men’s shirts of the highest standards.

The perfect fit every time – online!

To ensure you never have to visit our tailors in person, we provide you with everything you need to order perfectly fitting garments online.

Convenient channels of communication are always open between our team and our customers should you have any questions or concerns.

How it works

Unparalleled efficiency is our goal, which is why we offer a streamlined 3-step process encompassing ordering, production and logistics.

– Within 7 days of placing your order, production will begin.

– In as little as 14 days, you will receive your beautifully customised Hayman shirt/s.

Clever customisation

Every man feels more confident in workwear that’s tailored to his measurements and stature. Hayman customisation is designed to cater to all requirements and personal taste.

We are committed to providing high-quality workwear and accessories at an affordable price – saving you the time and effort of putting together a stylish business wardrobe.

Our socially responsible manufacturing process

With a ‘less is more’ philosophy, Hayman Tailor aims to reduce waste and minimise our consumption of social and natural resources. We don’t believe in excessive materialism, fast fashion or buying clothes just for the sake of it.

Our point of difference is creating a capsule wardrobe of key pieces that our customers wear all the time, for many years. We believe in simplicity and minimalism.

Simplicity does not mean quality is compromised. We invest 100% of our energy and effort into providing quality products for our customers.

Our production takes place in a clean and bright factory space where workers are paid above the average market rate. The team takes pride in crafting garments with care and patience.

By choosing Hayman, our customers continue to provide the opportunity of a fulfilling livelihood for well-paid workers in a non-traditional manufacturing environment.

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