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How to define a nacre button and a resin button

01/05/2020By Hayman Tailor

1. Heat - The main component of Nacre is CaCO3, which has a melting point of more than 800℃. By contrast, the melting point of the resin buckle is much lower at approximately 100℃.

    What is a Garment Dipping shirt?

    01/05/2020By Hayman Tailor

    Garment Dipping is an advanced technology that Hayman Tailor is proud to supply, and apply it to most fabrics.

      How to define a shirt is suitable-part2

      01/05/2020By Hayman Tailor

      6. The right chest & waist. For a shirt to fit suitably on the chest, it should be roughly 10cm larger than the net chest measurement, but this depends on the style preferred by our customers.

        Why do we need customised shirts

        28/04/2020By Hayman Tailor

        Customisation caters to a consumer's desire for making personalised garments from a variety of fabrics, styles and patterns.